Monday, June 30, 2008

The OC

I've been up since 5:59AM (without the help of an alarm clock) and it is a beautiful day in Fountain Valley, Sunny California. I had been hoping that we could go surfing this morning, after all the weather is gorgeous and the beach is close, but the lack of transportation is still proving to be a problem.

Despite that, within less of one week, I've accomplished eight goals I've had listed for my summer:
1. Surf
2. Rock Climb
3. Kayak
4. Yoga
5. Wake up early
6. Use less internet
7. Meet new people
8. Eat good food

Doing these activities has shown me not only that despite being terribly unathletic, I still have muscles that were previously unused and neglected. For rock climbing, I used my forearm muscle so much, I couldn't even squeeze a lemon. I had no idea I used my forearm muscles to do so much! Opening car doors, pushing things open, sqeezing For surfing, my arms got a greater workout than any amount of curls I could do with them in the gym. So much paddling and trying to push myself up on the board really worked them! I also got a huge bruise on the top of my foot from trying to pop up. I've Kayaked before, but not for so long (2 hours). Add a strong breeze and trying to paddle against the current has worked my shoulders and back. And Yoga was the sense that I liked it the least out of all the activities. Not because it was easy and boring, but because it was difficult and boring. I don't know how they can do exercises on their toes the whole time but that's what it felt like! I'm glad I went because I've always wanted to try it and I got a free LuluLemon yoga mat out of it!

I'm not going to lie, my body hasn't hurt like this since I went snowboarding for the first time (still not as bad as that) but in that very satisfying way. This past week has been the lifestyle I had always hoped to have as far as being active, waking early, sleeping well, being in good company and feeling better overall. Even just sitting here makes me itch for more. I hope I can maintain this type of lifestyle when I get back to San Diego, but really, having no car has really made things frustrating. The offer to live in the OC has also been very tempting. My uncle offered me to stay at their place for the summer and beyond if I had wanted, but again, it's the lack of car that would prove impossible to do so.

I've always enjoyed my trips and visits to "The OC"...there's really everything you would want and need within short distances of each other. And furthermore, it's affordable. While I know I could do many of the same things in San Diego, the difference is the price tag. Honestly, kayaking at La Jolla Shores is $45 for two hours vs. $15 at Sunset Beach. Renting a surfboard for a week is $45 through UCSD vs. $30 in Huntington. The many restaurants far surpass what Convoy can offer and at more friendly prices.

Anyways, there is no real theme or insight to this entry...I just wanted to recount my time here. After reflecting a bit on the drive home, Irvin pretty much said it perfectly:

"I could live in the OC."


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