If you make funny faces…

In Calvin and Hobbes, there is a great thread of strips that depicts Calvin having his picture taken by his Dad, usually when he’s dressed up for the purpose of creating a family greeting card, a shot for the yearbook, etc. Though he dares not anger my Mom and sisters by making faces in family photos, he takes delight in not taking serious photos. I don’t think he planned on me posting these online though. Oh well, enjoy!

Kissing a lingcod.

Tasting a sea cucumber (I tried to help him with this, and almost succeeded).


Taunting a rockfish.

One thought on “If you make funny faces…”

  1. Those pics are priceless, Adam! Dad does make some really funny faces for the camera and I’m happy you captured this fun moment. By the way, I heard that you made an amazing cioppino last night and am very envious. So much fish; So little time to enjoy all the marvelous dishes I can make with them!

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