California Sea Lions and other noisy marine animals

Peace and quiet have once again departed from the harbor, with the return of the California Sea Lions. Adding to the cacophony, the Sea Otters have been shrieking like banshees lately. To top it off, the gulls consistently wake me up in the morning with their vocalizations, and follow me to work with their squabbles.
There is something to be said for peace and quiet, especially in the morning when you are trying to sleep.
Sometimes, when the gulls are particularly loud and persistent, I come up with some interesting ideas. For example, I may develop an urge to hold onto the extreme annoyance that is conjured up by the squawking birds, and use it to wake up the gulls when they are trying to sleep. It is only after I am fully awake that I realize how stupid it would be to actually act on the ideas that pop into my head when I’m irritated in this too-early-in-the-morning state.
If I live long enough to develop Alzheimer’s disease, will I become the crazy old man who goes out at night blasting away on the drums, exacting my revenge upon the birds? Now that’s a scary thought…