Views from my daily commute

This is what I get to look at every day on my walk to work:
It’s a little under 2 miles from my apartment to work, and takes about 18 minutes to walk from start to finish. Of course, I’m talking about walking at an Osaka pace, so it would really be more like 25 minutes at a leisurely stroll.
Every morning, I am very aware that I could be sitting in traffic on the 405. Yes, I know that I am a lucky bastard.
This is Hopkins Beach, the home of many sausage-shaped harbor seals. I saw some newborn pups last week, so there’ll probably be a lot more of them when I get back to Monterey.
Thanks to the changing seasons, the sun is higher in the sky when I walk to work. It’s kind of cool getting up in time to watch the sun rise, but I much prefer the longer days of summer.
I hadn’t realized how large my backlog of photos has grown since I’ve started working at MBA. For the sake of posting, I think I need to take more vacations.

3 thoughts on “Views from my daily commute”

  1. lucky you! and i think it helps that the air is dry & cooling too. in tropics, the humid gonna wet you, heat gonna sweat you.
    if not for the hilly roads to my workplace, i certainly would love to bike there.

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