This cold deserves to die!

I caught a cold that prevented me from eating a proper Thanksgiving for the 4th year in a row, and I plan on nuking it.
Today I kept warm, making sure to dress in layers and stay in blankets. I drank a few liters of tea with honey (an antibacterial substance used by ancient people to treat infections, and more recently gaining popularity in modern medicine), and soup with a metric buttload of garlic. I’ve been taking vitamin C with a bunch of other supplements, along with Cold-Eeze lozenges and Theraflu – Nighttime Severe Cold. Just to be safe, I’m going to bed early tonight. With any hope, I will have obliterated this bastard by tomorrow morning.
I don’t care that Thanksgiving is past, I refuse to wait another full year to enjoy my own Thanksgiving. As soon as I’m well, I’m getting myself the turkey, yams, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, pie, and other foods that I’ve been waiting so long to eat.
BTW, the Theraflu tastes rather unpleasant, so I will not be happy if I don’t see results…
Update: It’s still with me, but I am seeing immediate results with a secret weapon- pizza topped with crushed garlic.
I am topping each slice of pizza with at least one large clove of pressed garlic, and toasting it in the oven. It immediately cleared up my nasal passages, and has given me awesome breath! It has the added benefit of tasting really good (my brother and I discovered this almost unheard of topping on a trip back to Huntington Beach when we were searching for the best pizza a few years back).

5 thoughts on “This cold deserves to die!”

  1. I was lucky. Auntie Betty sent us a lovely plate of turkey with all the trimmings, plus her specal desserts. At Christmas, let’s have a nicely seasoned fried turkey and we’ll ask her to make the special stuffing for you. I”ll make my special mac and cheese….you can do whatever you please, and we’ll have the best re-run Thanksgiving meal (plus more), ever! Get well soon!

  2. for many years, I regularly got ‘cold’s – yearly or semi-yearly. Stuffed up nose, shit in the lungs, generally feeling shitty. I can’t remember who the hell told me – but, I was told to wash my hands with soap. Often. And to avoid touching my face without washing my hands. Interestingly enough, since I’ve been in the habit of washing my hands at regular intervals (especially when I’m out in public) – I have avoided the ‘cold’.

  3. You know Kohei is getting old when he starts giving you tips on hygiene…
    No worries about missing out, we will make a feast when I get back, or at least mom will!

  4. you can’t kill them. so you need to drinks lots of water to get rid of them out your system 🙂 hope you’re well now.
    now i’m thinking of a good way to rid of my bad cough.

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