Courreges Park at dawn

It’s too bad that I hate waking up early. You can see some pretty interesting stuff is you get up early in the morning. My bed usually wins the decision when I ask myself “should I get up or not?”.
I must say that I don’t sleep in nearly as late as I used to. At this point in my life waking up late is like waking up really early when I was in college. I wonder what will happen in another 10 years…

3 thoughts on “Courreges Park at dawn”

  1. In 10 years you might be taking more “Rising Light” photos on the beautiful coastline and beaches (like Little Corona Del Mar, or Mendocino) near your future home! Maybe we can make a bet and see who wins!

  2. early rise? i have been trying for ages without any success. probably partly due to late night sleep.
    however, i did woke up early when i was in kyushu nearly everyday, even though i slept late ..hmmm *strange*

  3. Sometimes I wake up, and even though I’m fully awake I’ll decide to go back to sleep. It just doesn’t seem right to get out of bed when it’s still dark outside.

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