Melancholy Butterfly Puppies

Why do people like to dress up their dogs? I think that some people truly consider their dogs to be human and feel the need to clothe them. Others enjoy dressing up their dogs in the same way that children enjoy dressing up their dolls and action figures. I generally don’t like to dress up pets, but this was just too perfect- my older sister had a bunch of butterfly wings hanging around so I had to tie them onto the puppies.
Have you ever seen such an unhappy butterfly puppy? If I dress him up any more, I think I’ll give him issues, so I’m not going to make this a habit.
Killer’s little sister doesn’t like the wings much either, but she doesn’t seem so depressed about the whole affair:

5 thoughts on “Melancholy Butterfly Puppies”

  1. Poor Killer! I’ll post a recent pic of him at bathtime. He truly is the most expressive pup with strong attitudes. He’s also the most courageous and adventurous! Today, he wiggled out of the playpen and toddled across the patio to nap right on door mat with his daddy! As for the others, including Sable, they are truly wonderful! Puppy therapy is bliss!

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