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Today was the last day of work for some of us in the office, and to commemorate this occasion I am posting Huw’s “Countries of the World” flashcards. The flashcards are appropriate for elementary school level students, however, the spoofs are obviously not meant for anything other than entertainment value.
If you are easily offended by inflated stereotypes about countries, then you might not want to waste of your time looking at these. However, if you have ever taught English in Japan and have an irreverent sense of humor, I think you might be able to appreciate these. Huw sincerely hopes that he has done everything that he could to offend everyone equally… Enjoy!

Country Flashcards
Australia Australia (spoof)
Canada Canada (spoof)
China China (spoof)
France France (spoof)
Germany Germany (spoof)
Ireland Ireland (spoof)
Japan Japan (spoof)
New Zealand New Zealand (spoof)
South Korea South Korea (spoof)
United Kingdom United Kingdom (spoof)
United States of America United States of America (spoof)

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