7 thoughts on “Kappa Nampa”

  1. If I said, “I nampa suru-ed my cousin at the station.” Does it mean, “I picked up my cousin at the station.”?

  2. Good point, T. As you are implying, no it does not. The phrase “pick up” in this case is not meant literally as “to pick something or someone up”. Just as “hitting on a girl” would not involve hitting anyone.
    “Pick up” in this case is another way of saying to make acquaintance with someone with the intent of becoming romantically involved.
    Similarly, saying that a girl is “mochikaeri” would not litteraly mean that she is a “take-out order”, but rather a girl that someone picked up and took home (with an implied meaning that they had a romantic encounter).

  3. The ‘gyaku’ thing’s gotta have something to do with loafer lightness. ‘paizuri’ sounds to me like you’re either fishing for boobs or alternatively the description of the gravitational effect on said body part – with the onset of chronological progression, of course. Finally, there’s always the pie thing – but time at a Denny’s in the US somewhere is mandatory.

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