Chayamachi Fishtank Diver

At first, I thought that the diver and his spotter were performing some sort of perfomance art, and they kind of were. Amazingly, no one stopped to watch him except for me.
This guy also has to jump into tanks with giant Amazon catfish, sharks, and cichlids. It amuses me that the colorful ciclid tank likely poses the greatest risk to this diver (though it wouldn’t be amusing if any harm actually did come to him).

4 thoughts on “Chayamachi Fishtank Diver”

  1. rogue peacock bass, maybe.
    that’s the line of tanks close to the hankyu bus terminal, right? near the tonkotsu place we were talking about, right?

  2. This is the danger of which I was referring to:
    …(this) parasitic disease, which is caused by trematode worms of the genus Schistosoma, occurs in 74 countries and is ranked second to malaria as a cause of human death by a parasite. Snail-eating cichlids ate the snails that are vectors for spreading schistosomiasis. Now each time we enter its waters we take a chance of contracting this parasite that causes lesions and damage in the digestive tract…
    taken from:

  3. Yah, when the kids were little many moons ago, we met a tropical disease specialist who had been visiting a local hospital where he saw a teenaged boy who was in isolation in the critical care unit. It was a mystery. The formerly healthy young kid presented with a weird infection which was causing very serious organ failure-type symptoms which had stumped every expert they’d called in.
    The visiting doc asked the boy one question which was “Do you have a fishtank?” The kid told him that he had a tank with African Cichlids. Fortunately, they were able to treat him with an anti-parasitic protocol and save his life.
    Lesson learned: Use gloves when cleaning the tank or adopt some other innocuous fish!

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