4 thoughts on “Pervert!”

  1. In your experience, doesn’t obatalian refer to mean nasty fat women with warts that travel in packs and will eat you alive? This obasan is picking flowers! Obatalian would be gathering skulls in a basket, I think.
    Oh, also, obatalian would love to be raped because it would give them a higher sense of self worth and they could brag about how men go crazy over them (when they gather with the rest of the herd in a coffee shop and annoy other customers).
    Anyway, that’s my impression of that word, which may or may not be correct.

  2. That’s an obasan that has an evil mind. The obasan is the chikan. This means that don’t trust obasans, or you’ll get hurt.

  3. I think your impression is correct. Some obatarion are quite nice if you know them personally, but otherwise unpleasant to be around. This woman is likely just a regular obasan, not an obatarion.

  4. Obatallion??? What the fuck is that??? My impression would be a whole bunch of obasans (dressed just like the picture) with kitchen knives and farm implements ready to attack any dorobou ballsy enough to commit his deed. Now THAT’S a OBATALLION!!!

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