Gyoza and beer 盛り合わせ

Friday night started out with a trip to go buy enough gyoza for 6 people, meaning 36 garlic stuffed pot stickers, and five tall cans of premium Japanese beer. Once in a while, Osho has a half-price sale on gyoza and people line up outside in a long queue, braving the elements to secure these much-coveted snacks.
I had seen the 105 yen (half price) for a six pack of gyoza advertisements since I’ve been in Juso, but this is the first time that I actually went out and bought some. Even with two people, it was difficult to make it through all of the gyoza but we managed.
Next week, there’s another sale on Saturday so if you’re around, please let’s enjoy beer and gyoza party in Juso!

5 thoughts on “Gyoza and beer 盛り合わせ”

  1. 18 gyoza a piece….cool. Who had the three beers. I want to know who had the three beers. Was it you, Adam? You greedy dog!!

  2. Actually, to make room for the gyoza, we only got through half of the beers. FYI, the Premium Malts is a decent beer, so give it a try if it’s available.

  3. neophyte! any hakujin worth his salt can eat at least 15 gyoza apiece. and ASAHI? yuck!

  4. Hmmmmn, where to start. Well, first off I’m not hakujin, second, hitomae is 6 a piece so 6ninmae for two would be 18 gyoza a piece, and what’s wrong with Asahi? It’s not the best beer in the world, but I certainly wouldn’t refuse to drink it, especially since that can was a gift from a good friend.
    Yuck is a title that most happoshu deserves, but not Asahi- especially with gyoza…

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