Vagabond, M. Fingerhut

It looks like Mark is finally making his way back home, after traveling around southeast Asia for about two months. Check out his pictures (dude, it took you long enough to post them!) and read all about his odyssey at his blog. Well done Mark, and good luck back in the States.

One thought on “Vagabond, M. Fingerhut”

  1. Hey man, I am indeed back in the STL. Just hooked up my internet. I’ll get more pictures posted to appease you. I am going to Game 1 of the Nat League Championship tonight. Interesting stuff as always, good to hear you get to work with genki shogakusei. I worked the JET table at my Uni’s job fair yesterday. Talked to many a young naive prospective ALT. Fun stuff. Talk to you soon, man.

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