Nippon no Burger Takumi Avocado Wasabi

The Takumi Avocado Burger belongs to the Takumi genus in the Mos Burger Kingdom. Its contents, shown on this page as a diagram, consist of a Takumi bun, avocado slices, Takumi special sauce, a Takumi hamburger patty, Takumi avocado sauce, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and a side of wasabi.
Unlike the meatloaf-like consistency of a real Mos Burger, the Takumi patties taste like a real beef patty from back home. The ingredients are fresh and result in a delicious burger, but at 880 yen the Avocado Takumi is overpriced and small by American standards. Despite the steep price and relatively small size, I’m glad that I ordered the Takumi.
It’s the little touches that make it worth ordering the Nippon no Burger Takumi Avocado Wasabi at least once. It comes with a card, signed by the cook who made it, and the name of the farmer who’s produce is used in the production of this burger, along with an explanation about the ingredients and the process of making a Takumi (not pictured).
With all of the reverence of serious religious ritual, the attendant sets up the customer for a special dining experience that is most unusual in a fast food restaurant. Mos Burger silverware exclusive to the Takumi are laid out, next to the burger, atop an indigo paper napkin that feels as if it were made of velvet instead of paper. A small cup holds a portion of freshly grated wasabi, giving the burger an earthier, more lively taste. It almost feels like sacrilege to actually eat the Takumi burger, but that makes it even more delicious.
So, will I order this burger again? No, even taking into consideration the wonderful experience of eating a Takumi it’s just too expensive, and I can make a better burger myself. What will the ingredients be when I finally get around to barbecuing again?

100 percent beef patty (optionally mixed with chorizo)
cheese, preferably cheddar or jack (not fake Japanese cheese)
avocado (optional)
lettuce (optional)
grilled onions
tomato (optional)
grilled pineapple slice (optional)
teriyaki and hot sauce or mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard
egg (optional)

My burger will be served on a paper towel or plate, and will kick some major Takumi ass! The wasabi was interesting, but unnecessary. What the takumi needed was some teriyaki sauce instead. The Japanese can improve on many things- cars, electronics, toilets with special functions- but the burger will always be something that Americans do best…

4 thoughts on “Nippon no Burger Takumi Avocado Wasabi”

  1. I had forgotten all about the chorizo thing. Gotta do that soon with the new barbie. BTW, a spear?? What happened with poles and reels and stuff? Yellows swimming all around – I need to be at this place.

  2. Poles and reels would be cool, except that they school around a public swimming beach. You don’t want to be catching little kids and old ladies…

  3. I still like In and Out burgers. And Tommy’s.
    But your recipe for a great hamburger works for me!
    Just try adding some crispy thin hot fried onion rings to all that and thousand island or ranch dressing, baby! Yea!

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