Old Man Mike

This has to be my best shot of a dog, ever. He looks so dignified with his melon rind. He didn’t eat it, just held it in his mouth. It just seemed to comfort much like the way a pipe soothes an old man.

2 thoughts on “Old Man Mike”

  1. slowly but surely, I am veering away from the things that make you notice things that are out of the ordinary. But I guess you’re supposed to see the unordinary things in ordinary things. We caught a bunch of small barred perch off the avila beach pier on 1.5″ motor oil grubs. Tons of em. Going albacore fishing tomorrow night. Maybe I can notice some unordinary things there.

  2. Dude, you’re making me want to go fishing! Ayu are delicious, but going out on a boat to catch real fish is a completely different thing.
    Send me some pics of what you catch…

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