Of Amakusa and Kyushu in general

There are some great photos and accounts of traveling around Amakusa (the islands off of Kumamoto) on Gumbies, maintained by Leanne and Rik Brezina. Amakusa is a beautiful place, and I wish that I had more time and a sea-kayak, so that I could better explore it like these two.
Being away from Kumamoto has made me realize what an awesome place it is. I appreciated living in Kumamoto, but I love the place even more now that I’m away. Don’t get me wrong, Kansai is a great place too, but Kyushu would be the place where I would want to settle down and live out the rest of my days.
So those of you who are still in Kumamoto, remember to enjoy your time there. Outside of Kyushu, it is hard to find a good tonkotsu, well-prepared basashi, or a nice loaf of karashi renkon. Go out into Aso and enjoy hiking up the magestic mountains, or diving off of boulders and waterfalls in Kikuchi gorge.
Get out to the beach in Amakusa, or Ashikita, and get a tan- remember that the red jellyfish are the ones that hurt. Throw barbecues outside with your friends as much as you can, and bring enough fireworks and some extra.
Make sure that you explore all of those random roads that you always pass, but never seem to have the motivation to turn off and pursue. Just make sure you have enough juice in your keitai in case something goes wrong… It will make for a good story later on, I promise.
I did all of those things, and have no regrets- only fond memories of making the most of my time during the last days I spent in Kumamoto. I will return.

2 thoughts on “Of Amakusa and Kyushu in general”

  1. Good to hear it man. I got about a month to go. It’s gonna be interesting. Hope you can make it down sometime for some karashi injection.

  2. I wonder if you can find a way to actually purchase land to settle down there without getting hitched! It sounds as if you’ve found your paradise in Kumamoto…where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

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