How it really happened

Damn you Obi-wan, I can see your blue glow from behind that tree- come out from there!
“You must go to Dagobah to find the great Jedi master, Yoda.” you said. All that’s here on this cursed mud hole is a geriatric muppet who taunts me, making me carry him around on my back. Stop laughing, you dick.
You better have an idea on how to get my X-wing out of that bog, and I better not hear any of that “try using the force” crap! I should have never left Tatooine with you crackheads!

One thought on “How it really happened”

  1. Dude, “Revenge of the Sith” was pretty good and if there was an action figure or Kid’s Meal toy I could get for you, I would! I just couldn’t figure out why, if they could rebuild limbs and bring back the almost-dead, badly-toasted and fatally-flawed Darth Vader, could not save the life of his mother. Other than that, it was a better story than the other two StarWars films.

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