Dread Natty Dread

No, this is not the head of a black mop, nor is it the scalp of a Rastafarian. This walking natty dread is technically a dog. This dog reminds me of some of the voodoo demons that the Jamaican babysitter conjures to scare two misbehaving kids in the 80’s TV series, Amazing Stories.
I have seen this strange beast wandering around the streets, like some sort of mutant caterpillar. Today it was sitting right in front of a sliding glass door, and wouldn’t budge, so pedestrians were forced to step over or walk around him to get in or out of the building.
He must really stink when he gets wet.

One thought on “Dread Natty Dread”

  1. Looks like a Puli….Hungarian working dog, related to the Komondor, another densely-coated sheep herding dog. The wooly corded hairs protect against cold weather and wolves. Yes, it does smell doggy, especially if the males don’t get their anal glands (oily, evil, stanky!) expressed. Go to Jus’ blog regarding rectal exams for more disturbing thoughts.

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