Leapfrogging Microcosms

It’s crazy what you can find when Googling your name and the name of people that you know. For example, I found out that my high school friends Gary Dote (at Halocrazed) and Daniel Chong (posting at chickennuggets) are also blogging. It’s good to hear from old friends, even if just through their posts.
It’s interesting to hear stories from people who have read my postings, as I enjoy hearing feedback and exchanging stories and opinions. But my favorite story by far comes from Joe Debiec.
I posted my thoughts about Joe leaving a McDonalds bag full of feces on top of my Civic after going to a cheesy disco party in Miyazaki, thinking that I was just recording a funny (in retrospect, not at that present moment) story for posterity. Well, it turns out that his professor, who has written letters of recommendation for him and whom he still corresponds with, did a search on Google and found this post. The professor then brought the post to his attention, teasingly chastising him for his primitive behavior. Now, that post generated some truly gratifying results and that is part of the joy of posting.
Other thoughts on Google as a social navigation tool:
Ego-googling, and Justin’s attempts to boost his page rank under a search for my name, has also made me aware of the existence of another Adam T. Yoshida. I wonder how many people have met or will meet me, only to mistake me for this other Adam T. Yoshida. How many of my former friends and acquaintances were shocked to find out that I wasn’t a real American or think that I have transformed into someone who is very vocal about his right wing views.
Many people write insulting things about this prolific Canadian, and though I am not this individual and do not share his political views I can’t help but feel disgusted about the lack of good things said about our collective name. I feel defensive of this other Adam T. Yoshida, even though we’ve never met each other or directly corresponded. It sounds superficial, but that’s how I feel. I’m kind of surprised that no Adam T. Yoshida hater has left any comments on this blog, but then again once you read Higo Blog it should be pretty clear that it isn’t written by the Canadian Adam T. Yoshida. For now, I am operating under the assumption that I am the only American Adam T. Yoshida in existence.

6 thoughts on “Leapfrogging Microcosms”

  1. I didn’t post that to raise my PageRank. I did it to inform you that there was another person with your name in this world. PageRank means little to me; it only seems to matter tp the mad buddhaheads trying to buy this domain.

  2. That post registered on Google as the only result on the first page that had anything to do with me. You seriously have to dig into the search in order to find anything pertaining to me. It acted as a dogeared page, giving anyone who was searching for the Adam Yoshida that they were pretty sure was American a chance to easily find their way here. How many people think that I run adamyoshida.com, I wonder.

  3. Yes, he is the very same Joe. Now you can ask him about the “shitburger” incident and watch his reaction. Tell him “what’s up” for me, would you?

  4. He’s my f…ing brother and I find that he shits on people’s cars……..keep up the good work bro.

  5. Hey, I just finished reading another blog, and WHAT is the obsession about Joe? I’d prefer Sonic anyday.

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