Rainy Weekend

This weekend I had to work, and so I missed the last hash with our group in Kumamoto. I hope it went well, and that you all had to swim through the brown dirtiness that is the Shirakawa River. It rained all weekend long, which was a good thing. I did more this weekend then I usually do on weekends with fair weather.
This is the elephant in front of Ubuyama Junior High School. I think it has a really nice ass, don’t you? In a purely asthetic sense, that is…

The clouds descended on the mountans like fog. It is quite difficult to see when driving through clouds, because they are extremely dense (they refract and diffuse the light from your headlights, and bring darkness if you don’t use your lights- your vision is damned both ways) and cause disorientation when they sweep across one’s field of vision (often at high speeds). They can make familiar roads seem strange, dangerous, and alien. I only enjoy driving through the clouds if I am well rested and alert.
This picture was taken in Saganoseki (on the coastline of Oita-ken, not Saga-ken). I thought the storm had passed, but that night it poured with great vengeance and furious anger. If you do end up in Saganoseki for some reason, then stop at the beach and practice your rock skipping technique. My arm is still sore, and my record was a possible 13 skips across the still-as-a-lake waters of the sea.

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  1. Nice elephantine ass. You always have a way to make a rainy day a fun, happy experience!

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