Lost Bread Topped With Fried Bananas

Everyone knows how to make French Toast, but I consider my version to be top shelf. My favorite thing about FT is that I almost always have the ingredients, and it is a quick meal. Try this version out:
bread, left out from the night before or toasted to get rid of moisture
whipping cream
peach schnapps or kahlua
bananas, sliced
maple syrup
confectioner’s sugar
Scramble the eggs and add some whipping cream. Also add peach schnapps or kahlua, sugar, and cinnamon. Dip the bread on both sides, allowing it to soak in the egg mixture. Fry on both sides with butter (this is important!) on medium heat (you want the sugar in the FT to brown nicely, but not to blacken- there is a thin line between carmelization and carbonization. if it starts to smoke, you’ve cooked it for too long or used too strong of a flame).
Next for the topping. Add a generous tab of butter to the pan, and keep the flame at medium high. Carmelize the banana slices on both sides, making sure not to burn them. If you do it just right, they should be a deep, crispy shade of brown and will taste awesome! Powder the FT with cinnamon and powdered sugar, hip up some fresh whipped cream and top the FT with it, along with the bananas and some maple syrup.
This recipe was inspired by my mother, who used to make fried bananas for me and my siblings when we were little, and who also stressed the importance of using butter to cook with. Olive and canola oil have their time and place, but using margerine or some other butter substitute is unacceptable. And don’t get me started on the butter-flavored lipids that they squirt onto movie theatre popcorn! Margerine wasn’t meant to be eaten in the first place- it was developed to be mixed with gasoline along with other components to make Napalm (I’m pretty sure, but I can’t find any sources on the net). Mmmmm… Napalm…

5 thoughts on “Lost Bread Topped With Fried Bananas”

  1. Yum, Adam, I can hardly wait until you visit us to make your special “Freedom Toast!”
    Thanks for the kudos.

  2. One question:
    What the hell are you going to do with the leftover peach schnapps? Drink it with a nice plate of spotted dick?

  3. I dunno… I have heard that delicious English cuisine does exist, but lots of people say the same thing about the Loch Ness Monster.

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