Cynops pyrrhogaster

This is a Japanese Firebellied Newt that one of my students caught in the Tamarai River that runs next to my Chugakko. Yesterday, my JTE decided to have class outside, and to “wing it”. As would be expected when kids are taken outdoors and there is no lesson plan, the kids didn’t learn any English, but we had a great time playing in the river.

Supposedly the poison of this newt is not toxic to humans unless it gets into an open cut, but I’m not going to lick it and find out.
Little fishy. I was amazed to see one of my slower students in this environment, as he transformed into a master of this environment, captureing frogs, salamanders, fish, and other aquatic animals with ease. He has a different kind intelligence, unfortunately it is a kind that isn’t very useful in the Japanese educational system.

One thought on “Cynops pyrrhogaster”

  1. What a great shot of a beautiful animal, Adam!
    Fire newts are considered good omens in shamanistic medicine. But don’t eat one!

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