Finding Big Buddhas

In my neck of the woods of Japan, finding a statue of buddha is an everyday occourance. They are everywhere, and not all buddhas capture my eye. This one, in Taketa-shi, was remarkable.
It blows my mind that I have been living here for almost two years, and I still haven’t found every spectacle within driving distance. I spend a good amount of time trying to find new wonderful places, and I am yet to come up dry. Frankly, I am worried that I won’t get to see everything before I leave, so it’s time to step up the pace of my expeditions.
Carved into a verticle cliff with two fierce companions at his flank, this Buddha looks ready to bring the pain with his upraised sword. The caves to the right of the carvings hold temples that are under repair. To get here from Kumamoto (it doesn’t matter from where, as long as you get to the 57), take the 57 East towards Oita City and follow the signs to the Fukoji Temple Magaibutsu Stone Buddhas.

2 thoughts on “Finding Big Buddhas”

  1. Yeah, very unique! I’ve never seen s carved-in-cliffside Buddha while in Japan. Great discovery!

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