Hitchhiking Kyushu

Jamie and I will be starting out on a 6 day hitchhiking trip from today, planning to reach all of the prefectures in Kyushu. Supposedly this is a friendly competition with several teams from all over Kyushu doing the same thing in order to raise money for charity, but I’m doing it because it sounds like a great way to spend Golden Week.

Packing list:
Jansport backpack,
assorted tools and maps,
tent and sleeping bag,
a towel

Expect another barrage of posts when I return on the 5th of May. Until then, I don’t think I will see many opportunities to get online. Over and out.

2 thoughts on “Hitchhiking Kyushu”

  1. Is this a Kyushu tradition? Or JET thing? Sounds great. I can’t think of a safer country to hitchhike around in, so good luck countryboy!

  2. Golden Week

    Golden Week is what they call spring break in Japan. Why it’s golden is something I can’t quite recall, but it may have something to do with the millions and millions of people on vacation at the same time and…

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