A Few Diving Pics

These were taken at Zamami (jima, I think) at Dragon Lady point.
Have you ever seen a sea cuke eviscerate? Not pretty…
These pictures were taken by our guide, a cute 24 year old Okinawan. This one is of some kind of grouper. I want a pet grouper one day that will live under my private dock.
These small silver fish moved as if controlled by some hivemind. Seeing them move as one really hits home the elegant simplicity of the lateral line. Their mass coordinated movements look so complicated, yet are controlled by a really primitive organ that senses differences in the pressure of the surrounding water.

2 thoughts on “A Few Diving Pics”

  1. Nice photo of you holding that humongous sea cuke…and the colors on that grouper are amazing! Glad you got to dive and take good pics!

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