Around Mahasarakham: The Saengcharoen Theater (4711 Theater)

Across the street from our friend Tong’s house and cram school is a massive old theatre that’s been converted into a church. I’ve never taken photos of it or been inside, but I’ve admired it from the outside and parked in its shade many times.
I stumbled upon an excellent write up of the church (posted just two days ago) by a blog called The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project, which is a “photographic archive of derelict or converted movie theaters in Southeast Asia.” Reading it makes me yearn for the days when many blogs were works of passion written about specific subjects…
I think I’ll ask Tong’s father about the significance of the number 4711, although I dig the idea of the Hopeful worshiping in the house of the occult.

1 thought on “Around Mahasarakham: The Saengcharoen Theater (4711 Theater)

  1. Great blog post!
    My attitude: All hail the fabulous old Art Deco theaters of the past wherever they are, and Boooo, and Boo Hoo for the church takeovers that seem religulously blasphemous and sinful for those who appreciate the Art of Cinema.
    Recently while walking past our favorite venue in Monterey, the grand old Golden State Theater, I was shocked and dismayed at reading the “Monterey Church” with times for worship instead of movie show times! What the hell?!!
    Here’s what it used to look like:

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