poopy record

I’m quite sure this post will have future iterations as the baby will only get bigger, but today he made the biggest poopy of his life and I must describe it here for future reference.
It was actually a huge load split into three: The first was the standard mound of dijonlike goodness in his mammypoko diaper; the second was caught on the plastic sheet we use expressly for the purpose of catching stray shots when doing a nappy change; the third was a yellow cordlike mass shaped as a figure eight on his blanket that escaped when mommy thought the bombardment was over and moved him off the sheet to look for a fresh diaper.
I didn’t take a photo because I have more class than that (or maybe because it was too early in the morning, you choose).

2 thoughts on “poopy record

  1. Hmmm. What is it with guys and their fascination with poop?
    Even as a toddler, you were so proud! “Yook, mommy, big unko!” And when you did a particularly artistic spiraled one, you wanted me to take a photo! That was when you were 5 or 6. Or maybe, was it yesterday??

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