3 thoughts on “Canine/Simian Deathmatch from 1799

  1. Here’s my nutshell tale of the tape assessment of dog v. monkey.
    If the fight stayed on the ground, a dog would tear up a slightly smaller monkey. Partic if the dog is one of the mean-ass pitbulls popular here in Detroit. It would latch on with those powerful canines and shake the crap out of the monkey, and also pin it with its body.
    But monkeys being monkeys would probably use their brainpower, get off the ground, find a weapon and whack the dog with it from a safe distance.
    If it were a larger monkey, it’d win even on the ground by using some sort of weapon, or perhaps utilizing some iron limb shaolin technique if the monkey’s from china. Dog wouldn’t stand a chance.

  2. The training background aspect didn’t even occur to me, but now that I think about it I wonder if monkeys would be better suited to a grappling style. Dogs would have a hard time tapping out, that’s for sure!

  3. This might be cheating but it occurred to me that a mean-ass dog baboon would likely frighten off ANY dog with a brain, just by grimacing those huge canine teeth and wild eyes! Even leopards have been killed by the big dog baboons!
    Chimpanzees, too. Have you seen the National G special on chimpanzees and the lengthy, gruesome accounts of chimp attacks on humans, especially men? They can smell human testoserone….

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