Tribute to School of Rice

First of all, let me explain my recent absence from here: I was busy, and now I’m sick.
Moving on:
It’s too bad I took down the School of Rice (which now lives here), because this photo would have fit so well there….

The abomination created by the kid across the street.
Just to let you know, a few weeks ago, the 18″ high rear spoiler somehow got torn off, ripping half the trunk along with it. When it came back from the shop, the original black sticker set was augmented with this bold fashion statement. My only guess is that the owner must have decided to go “VIP” instead of racing style.
To proactively answer a few questions:

  • Yes, the owner is a girl.
  • Yes, she is older than 13.
  • No, she’s not hot.
  • Yes, the car is automatic.
  • Yes, it’s a Lancer (lowest spec).
  • No, it was not featured in Tokyo Drift (although it should have been).

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