J’s East-West Theory of Fast Food

The disappointment of finding overcooked xx* noodles in a bowl of tasty broth is directly equal to that of an overcooked hamburger with full garnishes.
*where xx = udon, ramen, soba, saimin, sen-yai, gui-teow, etc., etc., etc.

1 thought on “J’s East-West Theory of Fast Food

  1. I still don’t care much for ramen…but love the In and Out burgers a lot! Can you send bad food back to the kitchen in Japan? Oh, and on an unrelated note, I heard yesterday that there are 8 cases of lung flukes that came from sushi bars in LA where people swallowed live small Japanese crabs on a dare….they’re the kind of crabs that are usually deep fried. Now I know why Adam detests eating crabs! Lung flukes! It takes almost straight insecticide poured into your veins to kill those flukers! Yikes!!

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