Surprise Ending

To roughly quote Jedi Mind Trick, it’s like “hating necrophiliacs for fucking the dead.” When you go read the touching story on the following link, don’t forget to see all the comments:
Grief – Barn Swallows
It’s always sad when the tree-hugging animal lovers expose themselves as the least knowledgable about nature.

4 thoughts on “Surprise Ending

  1. I thought it was pretty twisted on that barn swallow page, that someone left the comment that the barn swallows appeared to be copulating with the deceased.
    I got a little sad reading the story.

  2. It’s not just the tree-huggers, Justin. It’s everybody. Just like so many saw life in Terri Schiavo’s eyes when there was none there, people see animals or even machines or weather and see human attributes. In fact, there’s not even any evidence that there was a single tree-hugger among the crowd, including the poster–there may have been, but there’s no reason to think so. It would be more likely that they were religious than environmentalist, in fact, from the wording used. But really I see this as being a universal human trait, not confined to any one group.

  3. That’s a good point. I should have thought about it a bit further. And just like that linked page, the comments here expose more of the truth than what the author provided.

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