Cabin food for thought

I read this article this morning and can’t stop thinking about it:
Terror in the Skies, Again?
If you were the author, would you have gotten up and done something? If there really were air marshals on that flight, what the fuck were they waiting for? Perhaps they didn’t have “probable cause,” i.e., one of the “musicians” to emerge from the lav and ask another if they had more matches, “cuz the fuse is damp with ketchup.” I have this sinking feeling there were no air marshals on that flight, and the crew was simply going by the handbook to placate the passengers. If so, that’s just a horrible mindfuck. But I certainly wouldn’t put it over the airline companies at this point.

3 thoughts on “Cabin food for thought

  1. Bad situation and very unsettling problem for all of us. I would have done just as the author had done….go try to check things out and get help from the crew….I’m pretty irate about murderous middle easterners and their chickenshit methods of terrorizing people. As far as their civil rights, hey, if they waddle, quack and shit like ducks, catch them and throw them where bad ducks belong, I say!

  2. Terror in the Skies

    There’s quite a buzz in the blogsphere about an article by Annie Jacobsen of concerning her trip from Detroit to LA. Michelle Malkin has followed it closely. While Donald Sensing remains skeptical.

  3. I agree it is a disturbing article. I was particularly concerned about the hand across the throat motion . . . She is lucky to be alive!

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