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Mola mola mola mola mola

The Sunfish (aka Mola mola, Headfish, Mambou (Japanese), or as many children and adults call it, the Uglyfish) is one of the Aquarium’s most popular attractions. I would write a post dedicated to the Mola mola, but Fogonazos already has. … Continue reading

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Octopuses don’t have tentacles

That’s right, octopuses don’t have tentacles, they have arms. Squids have 8 arms and 2 tentacles. So how are tentacles different from arms? They are usually longer and, in general, only have suckers at their ends. If the cephalopod doesn’t … Continue reading

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Flashbang Cephalopods

It appears that Taningia danae, a deep-sea squid, uses “bright flashes to disorientate potential victims”, much like Ts and CTs use flashbangs in order to blind, confuse, and incapacitate their opponents in CS. Check out the story here, and don’t … Continue reading

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Is Mencia a theif?

***Update 5*** Um, this is getting to be pretty hard for Mencia to explain away… link ***Update 4*** Carlos Mencia and Bobby Lee weigh in on the feud. ***Update 3*** Techdirt discusses the irony of the DCMA taking the side … Continue reading

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Tabehodai for white sharks

Like Calvin, I don’t like to think of apex predators as scavengers. This is fascinating footage, but it is kind of disappointing to my childhood perceptions of white sharks, like the theories of the T. Rex being a scavenger made … Continue reading

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Shucking Lobsters

What does an uncooked lobster that has been stripped of its shell look like? link (scroll down) I’m not one to cry for lobsters, or anything else that I eat for that matter, but I would imagine that being processed … Continue reading

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Giant steps are what we take…

The Police are reunited! link I have always felt cheated that I wasn’t able to go to a Police show, but now I might be able to listen to their music live and in person. I feel the same way … Continue reading

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A Grim Fairytale

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Chitosan sounds like some Japanese dude

“After a long search for a better way to stop extreme bleeding, the U.S. Army has purchased more than 400,000 bandages made from chitosan, a polysaccharide extracted from the exoskeletons of Icelandic shrimp.” Another cool thing about Chitosan: it’s a … Continue reading

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The scent of cloud seeds

Did you know that DMS, a gas produced by phytoplankton, not only serves as a nucleus for water to collect and form clouds, but also is responsible for the Ocean’s distinctive smell? Read more about DMS in this article, or … Continue reading

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