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All Around Ubuyama: A Guide To My Corner Of Aso

This entry marks the end of my life in Ubuyama-mura, and so I am retiring my old banner for a new one. I think it is a good image for the blog up until now, but it is time to … Continue reading

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Upper Management Skills

Looking back at my many past jobs, I always suspected that a few of my bosses and managers were psychopaths.

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They Sell What?

Taken in Ichinomiya. I think the place was a coffee shop.

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Bomb Has Been Planted

Sometimes in real life I slip into FPS mode, where I methodically search the environment for targets to engage. This usually switches on when I am walking down a dark hallway or alley. Luckily, no one has jumped out at … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m In Delaware…

The most boring wine ever.

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My car has served me well during our last two years together. Without my Civic, I would have gone insane. It performed well in hot weather (albeit without air conditioning in the Kyushu heat), the pouring rain, and on snow-covered, … Continue reading

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Sex Ed As Explained By Core 21

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All The Little Live Things

Living and traveling around Kyushu, I saw all sorts of strange, beautiful, disgusting, and fascinating creatures. Here are a few that I encountered in my last few weeks around. A butterfly at Daikanbo. On this day, the clouds were sweeping … Continue reading

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Higothai Koen Pics

Earlier, I erroneously posted a thistle that I thought to be the village flower of Ubuyama called the Higothai. These are pictures of the real flower, which should right now be coming into full bloom. The first two were taken … Continue reading

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R&R on Monster Island

I saw Ubuyama for the last time (for now, anyways) on Monday, and had the good fortune of running into various people who have always been kind to me, as well as some students as I handed over the keys … Continue reading

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