All The Little Live Things

Living and traveling around Kyushu, I saw all sorts of strange, beautiful, disgusting, and fascinating creatures. Here are a few that I encountered in my last few weeks around.
A butterfly at Daikanbo. On this day, the clouds were sweeping up and over the caldera toward Kuju.
This spider wove a white zig-zag pattern into its web. I think that some species do this so that birds and other larger creatures don’t run into their webs (supposedly insects are still oblivious to it). Also taken at Daikanbo in Northern Aso.
I have found that bees are easily photographed because they stay put until they’re finished collecting nectar and pollen. This was taken at Higothai Koen in the Hokubu region of Ubuyama.
This phesant’s face reminds me of some early Japanese anime series whose name I cannot remember. I took this picture at the Kumamoto Zoological and Botanical Park in Kumamoto, near Suizenji Park.
Japanese Zoos make me sad. I don’t want to visit them because the animals are often in a pitiful state. If you notice, the polar bear has a GREEN coat. That’s from algae growing in it’s fur. I have also witnessed a fuzzy green crocodile and a green hippopotimus in the Beppu zoo. If you can’t take care of an animal properly, then you should not be allowed to keep them. No exceptions.
Kuniko and I spent an hour playing with this turtle in Suizenji Koen. It would rush over whenever we tossed pebbles in the pond, and it was fun making it swim back and forth and in circles. When we went to see sumo, we spotted another turtle next to the road. I picked it up and shotputted it, and it made a satisfying ker-plunk, disappearing among the water lillies.
This was a toad that Joe found at a small neighborhood matsuri in Kyokushi. He gave it to his kids and they killed it in about 15 minutes. Oh well, I hope they had fun squishing it.