Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mundane Excitement

I've recently met someone who claims to cease being excited about barely anything these days. He says his reason is because he's done everything already, that nothing is exciting and new anymore. I think it would be terrible to experience such a feeling. To no longer be excited about daily things? There are so many experiences that are still so beautiful to me; things that are sometimes seen as mundane and boring are somehow reinvented to me. I can't imagine living in such a bland world.

The past 24 hours have been full of what I think are mundane excitement.

For example, I almost forgot how much I enjoyed fishing until yesterday. Not only fishing, but we caught crabs, too! That was a first for me and I got super excited and gleeful. I'm not even sure if that's a real word but that's how it felt at the time! I got so excited, I squealed when all the crabs started crawling about, trying to get out. I felt like I was 10 years old. Poor crabs, so small but so tasty. Not only that, but I had never seen crabs SWIM! It was so bizarre! It was like seeing pigs fly or something. The air felt good and the water sounded nice, so it was worth the wait.

Surfing this morning was a mix. On one hand I hate feeling like I've dragged someone else out when they don't want to be there and/or they won't have fun but on the other the water felt really amazing. I woke up feeling so terrible, but the water pretty much literally washed it all away for a while. I like just lying on the board listening to the ocean and bobbing about. And honestly, my favorite part of the morning is seeing the first ray of sunlight break through the clouds and light up the colors of the ocean. It really is the most beautiful color! This deep greenish-turquoise...I can't even describe it or replicate it. It's just always glittering, always changing.

I have a few new goals:
- Learn how to surf a shortboard
- Surf in a tube
- Surf with dolphins

We took a stroll on the pier during the day quickly and my favorite moments were:
- Seeing the painters paint all sorts of pretty things.
- Watching the shore curve around and go allll the way down the coast.
- Watching a mother and her child play in the waves. It was so wonderful to see!

Not only that, but I also love:
- New swimsuits
- Perfect hibiscuses of brilliant colors
- Seeing dolphins
- Diving under a wave and looking up to see the lights and colors streaming through the water.

And since I'm on the topic, other things I love:
- A great salsa club with flowy skirts and dresses.
- Colorful things
- Outdoor orchestra performances
- Warm summer nights
- BBQ with friends
- Kisses on foreheads

And I guess that's enough happy optimism for now. =)


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