Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Going, going, back, back...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

  • Hollywierd

    I was in Hollywood for almost the entire weekend it was everything I could have expected it to be.

    Friday: Kat and Cassie came up to visit ME in Morfus! We stopped by Nordstrom's grand opening before going down to search for Venice Beach, which was an utter fail. lol. Then we went down to Hollywood to hang out with Alan and friends. Bar C for dinner, then Cabana Club after.

    Saturday: Gina's Bachelorette Party! For having less than a week to plan, I think it went really well! I hope she had fun, thats the most important part. Maggiano's for dinner, a surprise limo, Hush Lounge, and Club Social.

    Hush Lounge. As a side note, this place had the most attractive people all in one place! Seriously, amazingly good looking people. I think it's because it's super exclusive right now since it's still in its first year of being open.

    Our sashes were pretty cute, I must say! Miss New Booty, Miss Chievous, Miss Behave, Miss Terious, Miss Conduct, Miss Demeanor, and The Bride to be! I even made one Miss Ogenist which we had some guy wear, haha.

    Okay, enough LA party scene for me. I'm dead.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Green Light

So it's been a while since I've updated...

Being back in Morfus has been several things:
1. Comforting
2. Comfortable
3. Fun
4. Dull

Really, if you don't know my town, you really won't know the full meaning of what I say about it so I'll just leave it at that.

I WAS, however, able to spend time with my neighbors, who are like the brothers I grew up with. Except they're blonde and have blue eyes. Chris and I have decided that if we're not married by the time we're 35, we're going to marry each other. Cliche, but true. I really do think that he's one of those rare people I could live with, converse with and maybe even raise children with...but could never MAKE children with. Does anyone else understand that concept? Maybe it's just me. But they're like family and I really appreciate the sort of bond we've developed over the past 17 years (Dang!).

In more current news, this weekend I went on my own little road trip: SD, OC, LA and back to MP.

The rest will be just phrases strung together for my own benefit.

Friday: Called up a gang of people to go OUT. Used the same excuse: It's my last night in SD! As my friend puts it, "it's been your last night in SD for the past month!" haha. I was tired of being dull in MP so I had to see people and have a little fun. Got all dolled up and then ditched the heels to have a beer pong tournament at Adam's.

4 tables at once = 16 people playing. Good times! Mixed all my people together: AKPsi, DSP, Freshman Year, Grad Students, etc. Good mix of people, good mix of everything really. Surprising. I got into my first fight at party. Didn't let it phase me afterwards much but dang that GUY (yes, it was a dude...I KNOW RIGHT? WHO PICKS A FIGHT WITH A CHICK??) deserved a beat down. I got one kick in and got pulled away. I'm not one to start fights or drama or anything of that sort, especially in a social setting, but seriously, that guy shouldn't have been there in the first place! Played 3 games of beerpong, surprisingly held my liquor very well! The male species is ridiculous but it was all fun and I had a great night even with the fight. Finally went to bed around 5?

Saturday: Umm, waking up early for surfing was an utter fail. Not only did we not wake up early, but we were like dead slugs all afternoon. We finally went surfing at like 1PM and got totally thrashed. So pathetic! We recharged for the night again and went out to Bar Basic in downtown.

Yay we're cute! Happy Birthday, Viv!

I'm happy when everyone else has a good time and is happy. =) OH BOYS! You make my world go like whoa! Only Kristy, Kat and Cassie know what I'm talking about. =)

Sunday: Ended up not going to OC after all so I hung around SD for another day and night...Cassie has a BBQ/Pool Party at her house in Oceanside so we chilled there (new white bikini, yay!) and drank delicious sangria!

Monday: Went surfing and then to find a place to eat...only to find our first three choices to be closed due to Labor Day??? Go figure! Kat Kristy and I ended up eating at Wahoo's, yum! I left for OC and hung out with my uncle for the evening as he also needed to fix my shoulder (from the accident from last month). We ate the best ramen I ever had in my life! What a treat.

Tuesday: In the morning, we went surfing out in Newport and not only was it a good day for me, but I saw dolphins playing! It was amazing! he worked on my shoulder again and then I left for a roadtrip of LA. Let me say, that I hate driving in LA. I went from OC to East LA to Monterey Park to San Gabriel and back to East LA and got lost every step of the way. Ugh! I could have made the trip twice! I ended up staying an extra night in E. LA because my uncle wanted me to come back in one more time the next morning.

Wednesday: Went to get my arm fixed again, starrted driving back and then got a call from Daanish to hang out in LA. What a coincidence that I was passing Sunset! =) Finally got home pretty late.

Aaaand that's a very brief/boring summary of my "weekend"!


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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boys ;)

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