Monday, April 07, 2008

The Firsts of the Lasts

This quarter is already scaring me at the pace it has picked up: too fast. I just came back from my last Spring Retreat this past weekend and while it was fun, it's made me realize that...this is it! This is my last quarter. This is my last Rush, my last first, second, third week of the quarter, what have you. This is my last quarter of college life as I know it. I've grown comfortable, complacent and even bored...but am I ready to move on? I'm hoping so because being excited for the next phase is what will help me in getting over my nostalgia for comfort here in SDeezy.

I've realized that I've always blogged throughout college and during a time when I feel like I should have so much to say, I'm actually unable to think of anything inspiring to write about. What does anyone expect to read here, anyways? I always thought that a great blogger was someone who could show their readers who they really were without ever having to meet them. I'd like to be that type of writer one day: someone real and relatable through just their writings. I hope I can have something to update about soon so that I can keep up with my building schedule!


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