Saturday, February 16, 2008

Money CAN Buy Happiness

I'm not saying that Money can literally BUY happiness, but it sure does help it come along! For this entire quarter, I've been trying to spend the least amount of money because...well, honestly, this is the least amount I've had. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining because, hey, it's really not that's not like I'm starving (thanks to the boy) or suffering in any way.

But I am a bit lonely, in way!

When I call people to hang out, it usually entails one of the following: eating, drinking (as in boba), yogurt, shopping, and/or clubbing. And in that order, usually. Not spending money means not being able to do any of those! I've tried to be creative, like going hiking...but that hasn't been a very popular option so far. So basically, I've become a hermit! Because now I don't have much to say when I call and invite friends to hang out..."What do you want to do? Um, sit?" =/

So this blog entry was more of an apology rather than a complaint:

I'm sorry for seeming to be antisocial and unfun! I really want to hang out and play, but I have no money to do so! So please don't think I'm trying to avoid you or that I don't want to see you because I probably I really, really do! But when we hang out, can it be something under $10? Maybe do arts and crafts at home? Rent a movie? Do our hair and makeup? =D Hope to hear from you soon!


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