Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hallmark Ruined a Good Thing

Despite whether or not I'm in a relationship, Valentine's Day never ceases to amaze me in the fact that so much can come out of it (and profit off of it): Love, Anger, Jealously, Hope, Depression and silly candy hearts. And really what I think a lot of it stems from is Expectation and perhaps Disappointment. Part of me wants to embrace the commercialism of Hallmark and its notion of romance everywhere, but another part of me wants to throw up every time someone takes it all so seriously. I mean, romance cannot be sprung from plastic wrapped flowers, boxed chocolate and jewelry, right? It's all been prepackaged, sucked of any originality and real romance.

Some people call me unrealistic, but I have hope that true romance is out there still...without the obligatory jewelry, flowers and materialism that have come to consume our holidays and sentiments. I'd rather have a flower plucked off the sidewalk if it actually meant something, a hug at the right time, a simple compliment that costs nothing but a little bit of sincerity. They say guys aren't programmed this way or that, but I think that's no excuse. Girls aren't wired the same, so why should we have to change our ideologies to adapt what's lacking in men?

Anyways, I'm not sure what I'm trying to get at, but I'm just frustrated at people asking me what I'm planning to do for Valentine's day, telling me what to expect, what the guy should be buying me, the stories of their own grand gestures of romance, etc. I don't want expectations this year and yet I can't get away from 100's of them.

So girls and guys, can we just not pay Hallmark this year? Can we MAKE our gifts for each other and just pause to take a moment and remember why? Thanks for letting me rant.

[Candy] Heart,


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