Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fun T-Shirts

Me and Irvin were finally able to give Trina, Alan, Sirena and Calvin their [extremely belated] Christmas gifts! Among them included these shirts and since we weren't able to fully explain them at the time of their opening (I guess the other gifts were distracting), here's a better explination.

Sirena's shirt of Calvin! The text is kind of small so you'll have to click on the image for a larger view, but it stems off an inside joke that I think is pretty obvious, haha.

Calvin's shirt of Sirena! This one was actually really tricky; the image was so large that I guess it's harder to apply than a smaller one. I think this one took around a whole hour just to iron on! But I think it came out really cute because it looks like she's hugging him. *teehee* ^_^v

The photo below is what inspired Alan and Trina's shirts. It's from the night of Nataly's birthday celebration at On Broadway. I KNEW Alan would regret making fun of me when we took this photo! Muahahahaha!

He's grabbing at her...heart. See? =D As you can tell, I had to edit out Trina's hand/arm and add in the rest of Alan's hand/watch. It wasn't TOO difficult to do only because it's in black/white and highly contrasted, so don't be too impressed.

And last, but not least, Alan's shirt. Not as much of a story, but I like how they were from the same photo.

Okay, I'm really glad we got those done, and I hope they wear them...haha. Or maybe that's too much to hope for!



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