Sunday, February 03, 2008


So I was home in MP for less than 48 hours and for about 40 of those hours I was sewing. I was helping my mom with her orders but at the same time I was trying to make birthday gifts for my aging friends/roommates...haha just kidding on the aging! However, despite 5 dresses made, 4 came up short (in a disappointing way, not length)!

Dress #1's straps were too narrow (see: side-boobage) and I ripped it when trying to put it on (b/c of my foot, not my fat!). So I cut it apart again and redid it...inside out. So I had to redo it AGAIN before it become wearable. The printed pink flower fabric proved to be the most durable being a spandex and lycra mix, I believe.

Dress #2's fabric was the PRETTIEST color of soft knit jersey: bright blue turquoise! ...but the fabric was terrible because it just tears apart at the seams! I was so very disappointed and don't think that it'll survive even ONE wear.

Dress #3 and #4 were both the But the fabric was, again, not up to par! I forget what type of fabric, but I thought it would be durable. It's not as poor as Dress #2, but I can tell it won't last as long as I'd like.

Dress #5 was my last attempt since it was my last bit of fabric in my bin. It was a lavendar jersey, even softer than the blue! I made it for Melissa (perfect length since she's so short and the dress ended up being too short for normal people) for her birthday and even double layered the bodice (almost like a bubble skirt design but it laid flat) since jersey knit can be so thin. While the quality was great, color was great, length was great, there wasn't enough fabric to make the straps as long as I'd have liked! =( I was SO SAD. It still works as a dress, but it's not as amazing as it would have been if the straps were long like I planned.

No worries, I'll post pictures once I decide what to do with them. =D


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