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Time to Fish

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to get on a boat, to challenge my sea legs and to test the tensile strength of the combination of rod + reel + spectra / mono / flouro lines + swivel + barbless hook … Continue reading

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Sharpie Art

    This past weekend I got a chance to bust out my markers on my dive float as Alex Norton (very talented artist and tuna whisperer) burned a boar’s skeleton into a wooden sheath that pairs with a bone … Continue reading

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Big Sur River: After Rain

On days when there is threat of rain, when you exhale steam, and when it hurts to get out from under the covers, it is often rewarding to push all reservations aside and to go play outside. On this particular … Continue reading

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Hammer Time! Making Mochi

Once upon a time in Japan, the making of mochi was not performed by automated machines, but rather by people using large wooden mallets/hammers to pound rice in heavy-duty granite bowls. Pounding was performed to a rhythm, pulverizing the rice … Continue reading

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Hokusai Waves and Almond Scented Arthropods

Today, I was one of the few people out, enjoying the ocean and the woods, and for that matter, driving on Highway 1 South. Stepping out of the car, I had an overwhelming urge to walk towards the ocean, and … Continue reading

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Katsuma Dan – The Last One to Go

World War II? Midget submarine base? Marine Biological Station? What’s this all about? I saw this picture hanging up in Hopkins Marine Station, and I wanted to find out if there was any more to the story. Apparently Time Magazine … Continue reading

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Thoughts on fish eye movement

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fish track me with its eyes when it’s out of the water, however, underwater I’ve seen them move their eyes quite frequently. Just today, I went on a dive to the Metridium Fields … Continue reading

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If you make funny faces…

In Calvin and Hobbes, there is a great thread of strips that depicts Calvin having his picture taken by his Dad, usually when he’s dressed up for the purpose of creating a family greeting card, a shot for the yearbook, … Continue reading

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Thrown for a loop

I’ve been running lately around Pacific Grove and Monterey, partly to get exercise and to feel good, but also partly to explore. There are numerous alleys, park pathways, hills and offshoots to explore, and I never fail to see something … Continue reading

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In the water

I have been itching to get into the water lately, but there have been bacteria level advisories that made jumping in the ocean seem like an idea best acted upon by someone who had a strong immune system and more … Continue reading

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