I used to post, frequently and passionately

You may have noticed that I no longer post to the Higo Blog like I used to. Since I started work at the aquarium, much of my energy has been put into starting up a blog at Monterey Bay Aquarium, and it’s been a much larger challenge than I had ever suspected. Blogging has become work, and so when I get home, I don’t often feel like posting about much of anything.
This makes me sad, because I am posting things on an internal blog that only a very few people will ever have access to. Meanwhile, this blog is starving for posts and new content.
So why this post, today?
A co-worker gave me a picture book of Kumamoto, and looking at it transported me back to another lifetime when I lived in my mountain village, Ubuyama. This prompted me to take a long look at my successors’ blogs, and then my own, to remember what has slipped to the back of my mind.
I’m re-reading my posts from my time in Japan, and realize that I used to love to post. I was once a prolific blogger. There was a time where I would come home and look forward to concentrating my thoughts and pictures into a post. I would think of things that I wanted to post about the future and it became something that I really enjoyed.
I need to take some time to re-evaluate what this weblog means to me, and what I want to post here, and I think the best way to do that will be to start editing my blog from the beginning. As I brush up older posts, I hope to find inspiration to start writing and shooting again.
Or maybe I just need to move abroad again…