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Comments II

I’ve turned off comments for now. Too much Spam. I don’t like Spam. I will turn them back on in the future, but for now I’ve had enough Spam. Damn Spam!

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Can sharks reproduce aesexually?

According to this story, it appears that hammerheads and possibly other species can reproduce without a father. Here’s an unrelated story on a new anemone found on the bones of a dead whale. This is why I love marine bio. … Continue reading

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Bad people

I really don’t know what to say about this story from Kumamoto: link Some people should really not reproduce. So much unnecessary suffering and hardship is caused by people having babies that will not be adequately cared for. And whose … Continue reading

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Pocket Puppy

This post is dedicated to my little sister, who asked for me and Justin to post stuff for her to read in between tests: This is Yvel. She now has a new, stupid name, but her real name is and … Continue reading

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Deep Focus

The Deep has some awesome photos of deep sea creatures, many of them taken by MBARI, and featured in Mysteries of the Deep (not to be confused with the National Geographic series of the same name), one of the shows … Continue reading

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Robot Chicken does Star Wars

It’s coming out in June. Check out the preview here.

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China Bowl: The Best Al Pastor?

On the way up from Huntington Beach, Kohei and I picked up some fresh, wild-caught shrimp in a small town right before we reached Santa Barbara. If you are familiar with that stretch of coast line, it’s the place that … Continue reading

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