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Osaka Aquarium

I doubt if I will ever find an aquarium that will ursurp Monterey Bay Aquarium as my favorite, (Besides being the first ones to successfully keep bluefin in their tanks, right now they have a GREAT WHITE SHARK collected off … Continue reading

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Coming To Our Senses, Eh?

The Canadians seem to be doing something right with one of their waste disposal programs. Using indicators that were traditionally ignored, meaning indicators other than straight economic data, to measure the benefits of their program (and factoring in quantified costs … Continue reading

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Fried chikuwa (fish cake) in curry (yello) and aonori (green) batter. Beansprout, carrot, and cucumber salad. Chicken based soup with carrots and gobo (burdock root). Gohan (rice) with an umeboshi (pickled plum). Nori (seaweed). In Japanese schools, ranging from hoikuen … Continue reading

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