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Lightning Crashes

The skies have been constantly illuminated with flashes of lightning, accompanied by rolling thunder, for the past four days. I rather enjoy the experience of seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling lightning. On Saturday, we were on top of Mt. Aso, … Continue reading

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Attack Of The Venemous Caterpillars

Merin was holding the ladder for me, when she brushed up against these caterpillars and noticed that the little bastards had envenomated her. So I did what any responsible older brother would do. I cut off the three leaves that … Continue reading

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The Souring Of A Bittersweet Goodbye

I am frustruated with my Board of Education and with a principal with whom I work with, as they are putting me in the worst sort of position. I feel an obligation to help prepare my successor for her new … Continue reading

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The Uncle No One Invites To Dinner

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The Shogakkos of Ubuyama-mura

I translated this from Japanese last year, and just found it as I was looking through old documents. These are the elementary schools where I have worked for these past two years. Our Village Yamaga Elementary School is located in … Continue reading

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Words About Teaching

During my two years serving as the ALT for Ubuyama-mura, I have written some essays on teaching and compiled other resources. I took an extra interest in learning more about educational theory and how it could be applied to our … Continue reading

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Last Lesson Finished

It is 9:30 and I just finished teaching in Ubuyama for the last time. All of my classes are done, and although I still have until the 26th of this month on my contract, my real work here is finished. … Continue reading

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Kumamoto Hash House Harriers Tribute

For the past three years, many people came out on a free day, no matter what the weather was like, in order to run the hash in Kumamoto Prefecture. It became a ritual and was something that many of us … Continue reading

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Aso Restaraunt Review (along with other restaraunt recommendations outside of Aso)

I know that this is really late to start, but I am going to start posting about places where I enjoy eating in my corner of Aso, near the Aso/Oita border, and maybe some other joints in Kumamoto that I … Continue reading

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