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I found a commune of funnel web spiders in Kikuka this weekend, when exploring a huge rock outcropping in the hills. The spiders reminded me of the ones in the Hobbit, and I imagined hundreds of tiny, hungry eyes watching, … Continue reading

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Poop Fiction

I just found a new demographic for Kevin to bestow his enlightenment upon in this article. Dude, your words are brown gold to the next generation: The content might seem off-colour to some, but potty humour is big in the … Continue reading

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Takachiho, located in Northern Miyazaki-ken, is a beautiful, mountanous area. I have heard that bears can still be found in the surrounding forest, but have yet to see one. Also the aincent Kagura dance, the dance that represents the creation … Continue reading

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This Week’s Recipe

I have been enjoying a certain dish lately, so much so that I’m going to post it: Pork Flavored Garlic Stir Fry Ingredients: 7 cloves of strong garlic, minced 3 pork chops, cut into bite sized pieces 1/2 large onion, … Continue reading

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Reflections On The Caldera

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The Last Undokai

The undokai is described as a “sports festival”, and that’s exactly what it it. I had a hard time accepting this term at face value, because the concept was foreign to me, but that’s exactly what it is. The whole … Continue reading

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Death By Pepto-Bismol

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Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A B A Start

I KNEW I wasn’t wasting my time, spending so many hours killing goombas, orcs, and terrorists! If only my parents had encouraged me, I could be making the big bucks in Korea (thanks to Chris for the link). Does anyone … Continue reading

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Moderation is Masturbation?

Reading about a group of people meddling in the lives of other groups of people when they have no good reason to makes me angry and confused as to why they do such things. I mean, even breaching certain topics … Continue reading

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Red Cow

This is an akaushi (aka means red, and ushi is cow, as opposed to the *shooting from the hip* holstein in Justin’s picture) that I stumbled upon while driving the 40 into Ichinomiya. It’s interesting to see how people take … Continue reading

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