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This weekend was just what I needed. I took a roadtrip down to Miyazaki City for the Cheesy Disco Party with Mark and Joe Fingerhut to meet up with the usual suspects. To say that things got out of control … Continue reading

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Life In Transit

This picture is how I have been feeling for the past two weeks. The weather has been improving and the buds on the sakura trees are about to bust open, but I am in a cloudy mood. There are beams … Continue reading

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Calling a bento a “lunch box” doesn’t do it justice. It is a lunch box in the sense that sometimes it comes in the shape of a box (and sometimes not), it often has the picture of a cultural icon … Continue reading

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Out Of The Loop

The Japanese educational system is so frusterating sometimes. It seems that the head honchos on one side and the grunts on the other are working with very different agendas, completely seperated while working on the very same projects. They call … Continue reading

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A unwilling visit to the Monterey branch of the Bubba Gump Shrimp franchise.

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Memories Of Little Saigon

Visiting Little Saigon, unlike other designated ethnic areas, gives me the feeling that I’m in a place that lives up to its namesake. Short of a trip to the real Saigon, it is as authentic an experience that you will … Continue reading

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Jump Picture Start

A jump in front of Kaimon-dake, Kagoshima. Props to Kaori Tanaka, the photographer. Taking good jump pictures requires a few things including but not limited to a steady hand, good timing, interesting locations, and a willing partner or group. The … Continue reading

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Hifuri Asobi

Me playing with fire. Picture courtesy of Ben Colbridge. This is the last picture that I will post, for now. I can not stress how much I love this particular festival. For those interested in participating, it takes place every … Continue reading

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27 Views Of Jigoku

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The hissing swoosh, the flaming orbit of a fiery body in motion. Yes, that sillhouetted object in the background, just under the flame, is someone’s leg. The booming thunder of Taiko drums. Unorganized, erratic swinging of massive fireballs, participation available … Continue reading

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