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SF Road Trippin

Don’t ask me how, but I am traveling in N. Cal. with 4 family members, a family member’s GF, and a dog. No one has gone crazy because we took 2 cars (this method is highly recommended!) and rotate its … Continue reading

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Omen Update

I just stepped out the door to find myself in the middle of a raging blizzard, under a fluffy, cloudy blue sky. The road out front has become a slick, dangerous white line, but it is leading me home. A … Continue reading

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An earthquake just hit me right now. It was small and only rattled the house for about 10 seconds, and if I was asleep I would have never known. I will take it as a good omen (hahaha, we shall … Continue reading

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At The Windmill

Yesterday I went to visit the windmill at Ubuyama Bokujo (Farm) after work. The windmill stands alone, humming and whining in the wind, and becons people from all over Japan to drive up our country roads into my slice of … Continue reading

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The Hoikuen Experience

I love teaching at hoikuen, especially during the holidays. All three that I visit are completely different in regards to individuals, groups, teachers, learning environment, kyushoku (school lunch), etc… Today I went to Ubuyama hoikuen, after not coming for the … Continue reading

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It really sucks having a broken keitai camera. Just last Saturday, I found a baby doll named “Po Po”, and also some super funky old school japanese B movie ninja/samurai/detective posters. It was frusterating not to be able to document … Continue reading

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Atomic Karate Chop!

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Jeep Willys (of the 1944 vintage, I believe)

The good ‘ol G.I. Joe standard. Remember, knowing is half the battle!

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Hmmm… Beer? Sake? No, I’ve got it! How about some…

Mmmmm, it does go well with the chicken! Delicious again Peter.

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